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Cat Ugly Sweater Card - $25

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This 'Ugly Sweater' card sponsors 1 week of food in the senior cat room at Friends For Life.

The back of each card reads:

All I Want For Christmas Is Some Fancy Feast
You can easily tell when it's 4 o'clock in our senior cat room. These seniors may sleep a lot, but they never miss Fancy Feast time! Not fooled by any daylight savings ruse, their biological clocks are sending one message at the same point in our revolution around the sun: "We are ready for delicious, smelly wet food!" The cats have crunchy snacks available all day, but that diminishes their sheer delight in wet food time not one bit. Many of these seniors have been through a very rough time.

Let's face it, if a 17-year-old cat is spending her retirement in a shelter, even the best shelter, it was not her first plan. So we make sure they have soft beds, cat TV, lots of love and, of course, the all important Fancy Feast treat every single day.

Your purchase of this card brought the joy of the feast to the whole senior room at Friends For Life.


Official details on this thing —

  • Size: 5" × 7"
  • The folded card is blank inside for your message
  • Includes one (1) red envelope per card